Dead Air Keymo brake 1/2 x 28

Dead Air Keymo brake 1/2 x 28



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Dead Air Armament, Muzzle Brake Mount, 5.56MM, 1/2X28, Fits Sandman

  • 1/2X28 thread pitch
  • 2.6″ length

Available for standard 5.56×45 threaded barrels, the Keymount Muzzle Brake is your gateway to silence. When you’re ready for peace and quiet use the Keymount brake to quickly attach your Sandman-L(TM), Sandman-S(TM), Sandman-K(TM) to your rifle. If you’re not quite ready to turn up the silence, you can still employ the finest brake on the market and experience a flatter shooting rifle with minimal concussion compared to traditional muzzle brakes.