FCD NVTS 1/2×28

FCD NVTS 1/2×28



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Designed and Patented by Swiss CNC with input from Forward Controls Design, the NVTS is an intelligently designed muzzle device timing system. The name is in reference to the marine cephalopod due to the resemblance of the internal timing mechanism. The NVTS consists of two interworking components, a base and a disk. The base has 12 tick marks around the side, each to represent 1 hour on a clock, or 30 degrees worth of adjustment. The top disc separates from the base and locks in place when adjusted to the desired position.

The NVTS simplifies the process of installing muzzle devices and also reduces the potential for the frustration that most folks have experienced searching through a bag of shims to find a combination that works, you simply need one NVTS per muzzle device and all of the adjustability is built in. The simple, yet intricate design of the NVTS makes installation simple and efficient. The  NVTS is extremely strong featuring a 148,000 PSI tensile strength and Patent Pending QPQ Process from Swiss CNC making the NVTS reusable. Embedded below is a video showing the installation of the NVTS.

The NVTS is extremely strong with a 148,000 PSI tensile strength, in destructive testing barrel and barrel extensions failed before the NVTS itself did. Due to the strength and durability of the NVTS, it is reusable.

Dial in the amount of timing required.  For example: if the muzzle device’s center slot/port points to 10 o’clock after it’s been hand tightened with NTS installed, back out the muzzle device and NVTS, remove the disc from the base, rotate the disc to the right by 2 tick marks to add 2 hours to bring the center port from 10 to 12 o’clock, then rotate the disc to the right by one more tick mark to account for torqueing the muzzle device 20 to 30 ft·lb.


  • Length: 0.161  +0.003/-0.000 minimum, set to 12 o’clock, or 0 degrees.  0.194  +0.003/-0.000  maximum, set to 11 o’clock, or 330 degrees
  • Tensile strength: 148,000 PSI, hardness of 48-52HRC.

Please NOTE: Do not exceed 35 ft·lb. Excessive amounts of torque can affect accuracy and cause damage to the barrel extension.