Silencerco Omega 30 FDE

Silencerco Omega 300 FDE



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NFA / Class 3

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The Omega 300 is a lightweight, full-auto rated .30 caliber suppressor that is optimized for performance and utility. This suppressor is ready for carbines, hunting rifles or precision rifles. The Omega 300 is one of the first suppressors in its class to offer additional customization options through use of the included anchor brake or separately sold caliber-specific front caps. It provides a variety of attachment options by utilizing our Bravo style mounting system. The Omega 300 is the most-sold suppressor, ever.

The Omega 300 is a multi-caliber suppressor, rated from .223 REM/5.56 NATO to .300 WM. This suppressor is warrantied for short barrels down to 7” .300 BLK, 10” 5.56 NATO, 16”, 7.62 NATO, and 20” barrels for magnum calibers.

It ships with a 5/8×24 Bravo Direct Thread Mount, Bravo ASR Mount, .30 Cal 5/8 X 24 ASR Muzzle Brake, (2) Bravo Basic Tools, (1) Bravo Multi Tool, and a .30 cal Bravo Anchor Brake.