Sons of Liberty Gunworks 16″ CHF Combat V2 Mid

SOLGW 16″ CHF Combat V2



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The SOLGW V2 profile was designed with our customers’ needs in mind, delivering increased accuracy while balancing suppressed handling and performance.

With the significantly increased chamber support, our barrels are better suited for modern configurations where lights, lasers and suppressors all add to a commonly muzzle heavy carbine.

The transfer of material to the rear of the barrel helps to offset the weight of accessories, and stiffens the barrel at the same time – reducing POI shifts between suppressed and unsuppressed use.  The gas journal length has been shortened as well to optimized weight distribution, so please note that fixed front sight bases will not fit on this barrel, only low profile gas blocks.

Our V2 barrels remain appropriately gassed for use with or without a suppressor of your choosing.


Material: 4150CMV

Twist: 1:7

Chamber:5.56mm NATO

Gas Journal: .750” with a deep dimple for secure gas block installation

Finish: QPQ

Cold Hammer Forged (CHF)