Sprinco Orange buf/ext. kit

Sprinco Orange buf/ext. kit



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Extra Extra Power Buffer Spring. The Orange spring is much stouter than the Red spring. The Orange buffer spring was originally engineered for the demands presented by.308 / 6.5 CM / .260 Rem, etc., heavy BCG carbine DPMS Pattern applications using standard 7″ Depth M4 extension tubes and short 2.5″ buffers (Including aftermarket “heavy buffers”) in robustly gassed 16” – 18” ML gas carbine platforms, but has been proven to be a requirement for tuning over gassed carbines of any equivalent heavy calibers in AR-10 pattern tubes with 3.25″ buffers or lesser calibers (5.56, etc.). Color Coded ORANGE.5 coil extractor spring included

Don’t clip coils from any of our other buffer springs in order to yield a lighter spring load for DPMS pattern applications. Doing so will result in an unknown spring load and might damage the gun.

NOTES: If your build is yielding a solid 1:30 to 2:00 O’clock ejection trajectory, then start with an Orange spring and tune it with the buffer weight. Empirical evidence has shown a heavier spring and lighter buffer produces better performance than a lighter spring and heavier buffer.