Superlative Arms .750 Gas Bloc

Superlative Arms .750 Gas Bloc



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When you build an AR platform weapon, change a barrel, or simply want to upgrade a gas block in your current gas impingement system, you have to choose whether you want to install a standard gas block or an adjustable one. While there are guys who will swear by one or the other, nobody is brave enough to say there’s a one size fits all answer to the gas management issue. Hang on a minute, what if there’s more? That might give some of us a reason to rethink which side of the line we stand on, or if we even need the line anymore. With the Superlative Arms Adjustable Gas Block, Superlative Arms brings a third option to the table, and this one includes features that just might be the answer everyone is looking for. The Superlative Arms Adjustable Gas Block is a bleed off gas block that doesn’t control gas flow with the same screw you adjust with, so it really is adjustable for its service life.


  • Can be used as a standard gas restricting or a “Bleed Off” adjustable gas block
  • Patented “Bleed Off” design allow gas flow to be adjusted by bleeding the excessive gas out from the gas block instead of restricting the gas flow
  • Bleed Off port reduces blowback when using a suppressor
  • Reduces felt recoil
  • Reduction of wear on the bolt carrier group components
  • Patented adjustment detent is located outside of the block and therefore no contamination
  • Cooler and cleaner gas system
  • Safety detent prevent unintentionally backing the screw all the way out
  • Made in U.S.A.