Ultrasonic Gun Cleaning


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We utilize Crest Ultrasonics in our store, because they are the best! The exclusive true-sweep frequency sweeping penetrates and cleans even the smallest crevices, leaving heavily fouled field-stripped firearms restored to factory new cleanliness and ready for lubrication or refinishing. Ceramically enhanced transducers produce higher frequencies than was previously possible, resulting in superior contaminant removal or reducing damage to sensitive parts.

Many – if not most – ultrasonics cleaning manufacturers provide equipment that is not uniform in its ultrasonic wave production. This can cause hot spots and/or cold spots, which can cause surface damage to your firearms during cleaning. Crest ultrasonic’s overlapping sonic waves provides a cleaner part with less time and solution.

Meanwhile, cleaning your firearms by hand is very labor intensive. It will also be virtually impossible to achieve the same results as ultrasonic cleaning. Cleaning firearms by hand also involves using smelly and messy oils.

  • Automatic rifles
  • Carbines
  • Firearms
  • Handguns
  • Long guns
  • Machine guns
  • Rifles
  • Shotguns
  • Submachine guns