Warne Red Dot Pic Mount

Warne Red Dot Pic Mount



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Warne, Red Dot Riser, Low Pro Reflex Mount, Fits Picatinny, Aluminum Construction, Anodized Finish, Black

  • Fits Picatinny
  • Anodized Finish, Black
  • Aluminum Construction
  • Made in the U.S.A.

With the increasing number of electro optics being used, adding a compatible mounting system can be confusing. Warne designed their modular Red Dot Riser to  a wide range of different optics based on the mount footprint. This Reflex Sight Riser is designed to offer easy height adjustments with the included spacer, allowing the user to dial in the perfect height for their optic and rifle combination. All riser mounts that Warne offers share a robust mounting base, while the top is engineered specically for different red dot styles.